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We receive submissions from honors students, both current and alumni, and faculty from colleges and universities all across the Southeast. These submissions reflect the best poetry, prose, and art from our regions most creative minds. The 2021 submission deadline is March 8, 2021. We look forward to reviewing your submissions!


Our review board gives careful attention to all the submissions we receive to determine which ones to select for publication. Submissions are presented to our reviewers anonymously in order to ensure the objectivity of their appraisals. 


Once our review process has been completed, the pieces we've chosen for publication are carefully arranged in the journal-to-be by a team of student graphic designers led by the head of our three genre divisions. The work of our journal-making begins, for each journal, in late spring and carries on through summer into fall. 


We proudly showcase each finished journal at the annual conference of both the National Collegiate Honors Council and the Southern Regional Honors Council. At the latter event, we host a conference session for answering questions about the publication process, encouraging greater creative participation from more institutions, and presenting a selection of works from the current journal. 

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